Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lowry hotel Manchester

The Lowry hotel is my favourite hotel in Manchestsd and if possible I'll stay and these are my reasons.

Unfortunately you can't book a disabled room online but if you ring up the hotel and ask to speak to the reservations team they will advise you on availability and help anyway they can.

Once your booked you guaenteed an excellent welcome at the hotel. There is a ramp on the right hand side of the steps to enter the hotel, this is wide and a gradual incline so manageable for wheelchair users.

Upon entry at the hotel unfortunately the desk aren't lowered to accomdated wheelchairs users but the staff are extreamly helpful and come around to you to pay and anything else needing doing. The lifts are a good size.

When you enter the room you will be impressed they have really thought about the user. From the bed level it's just about right fir a transfer for an average hight person. They have a full length mirror that is floor to ceiling so excellent for a wheelchair user. They have a walk in wardrobe that I as a wheelchair user can use.

The bathroom is excellent you have two! One for your able bodied companion and a second for a wheelchair user which is fully equipped. The sink is a good hight and you can roll under it so you can use it correctly. The toilet is well positioned and has appropriate aids to the side. They have a shower which again is excellent and easy to use.

The hotel as a whole is really well layed out and easy to get around as a wheelchair user. There is a disabled toilet in the bar area which is inside the ladies so you can join friends for a chat! Ideal!

In conclusion I feel the hotel has been well thought out and has excellent rooms for disabled customers it has a few minor issues but with such friendly staff and help readily Avilable I would still give the hotel a 10/10.

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