Sunday, 13 April 2014

National football museum Manchester

I visited the football museum in January 2014. It was my first visit so I wasn't sure what to except.

We found the museum easily as we had walked from the hotel to the museum which overall was easily done with the wheelchair over all. We choose to walk as it wasn't far but could easily have used a taxi as they are all wheelchair accessible and always happy to help if need be.

Upon arrival at the museum I found the entrance was all accessible with automatic doors (always a relief!). The entrance was large and welcome desk had a lowered area and loop fir those with hearing impairments.

Inside the museum I found the whole museum accessible and you can easily participate in the interactive things, the telephones for example where lowered.

Now if you like heights it probably wouldn't both you but for me it wasn't great! The life goes up and down on a graduate incline/decline you are effectively on a ski lift but an actual lift!

After visiting the museum we visited the gift shop which was disappointed with as it was quite small in size and packed so not easy for a wheelchair user to look around.

Overall I give it a 9/10 simply because of the gift shop and I wasn't keen on that lift!

But I'd recommend anyone football fan to visit!

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