Saturday, 29 March 2014

Birmingham New street & crosscountry & Manchester Picadilly

This is a bit of a mixed bag as this is the main line i travel on and so i thought it was essential to mention and also easier todo them as a 3 than 1 as they all flow together.


My inital contact with the train company is to book my tickets which is easily done via phone/internet or at the station. Then i ring the accessable passenger line, who im sure you have guessed have my details! I then infirm them which stations im using and if im traveling alone along or with companion then they book my help and seats. book in advance, depending who your traveling with on the number but once registered the call takes literally a few moments.

Birmingham New street

Fantastic station all totally accessable and the new lifts are great down to the platforms! The staff at birmingham are also great and punctual to get you to your train and ensure theres no luggage/ pushchairs in the wheelchair area! They also are always there to meet you off the train, only had 1 issue which was a last minute train journey so not really there fault. I can not priase this station enough 10/10!


Excellent service, the train managers are always poliet and helpful, they often ring ahead to the station just to make sure help is at the other end. i have contacted them recently to thank them for the care shown. On a recent trip to manchester i was stuck in the storms and i have to say they were brilliant at working out my support at short notice to allow me to travel due to it being no fault of my own.

Manchester Picadilly

Manchester again the facilitites are fantastic. The staff are helpful and friendly when informing you of trains and when they will collect you to help you on the train with you luggage. Another station i highly recommend.

Train travel has got better for disabled travelers (from a wheelchair prospective)

Dont forget to check if you are eligable for a disabled railcard which is £20 for the year and entitled you to a 1/3 off train tickets. I recently got mine and it took about 8 days

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