Sunday, 19 January 2014

First Contact

Manchester - hotels

So i am in need of a disabled room whats the first thing i do look online to see if my regular hotel has room unfortunatly not so i need to look for a new hotel. I look for a well known hotel chain that should have disabled rooms.

I was correct they did, i fill in the inline form, dates, number of people and requested a disabled room. I am doing this 2 months in advance because disabled rooms book up quickly as there are fewer in comparison to "standard rooms."

The only room they have is a double accessable room which isnt suitable as im going with a friend to a gig and we need seperate beds. So i weight up booking a standard room and after thought decide this isnt suitable. So i find the main number an 08 number at that (premier costs). I ring them up and explain my problem and ask if there is anything they can do? I spoke to a person in a contact centre who inform me she isnt sure but she'll put me though to Manchester Cnetral - Picadilly Gardens.

I speak to a recpetionist who i again explain my problem and she says they will get housekeeping to make the room up ad a twin and says to book online and ring back with booking reference (you get better deals booking online). I was given the reception number so i didnt have to use a premium number to contact them again which i was greatful for.

I booked my room for March 2014 and then rang back with my booking reference and she put all the details on the system so my room will be ready on the day!

This is my first stay with Premier Inn Hotel as a disabled customer. So far i have been very impressed with the service.

A few tips

  • Book early
  • Ask if you have any problems
  • try to book online where possible
I will do a follow up post in March on my experience of the hotel.

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